Tips for fairground fruit machine hire


Fruit machine hire is one way for fairground operators to get their hands on gaming machines of the right category, which comply with the Gambling Commission’s regulations.

As the warmer weather of spring approaches, places across the UK will see fairgrounds opening for the traditional ‘summer season’.

To coincide with this, the Gambling Commission has reminded operators of some of the rules that apply to fairground fruit machines. For example, gaming machines at fairgrounds can include category D fruit machines, cranes (or ‘grabbers’) and coin pushers, but not higher-stake category B or C machines.

There are also rules on fruit machine maintenance, meaning anyone who works with the machine – either as an operator or to work on repairing the machine – must be over the age of 18.

Mike Williams, head of regional enforcement and compliance at the Gambling Commission, added that fairground operators should read up on the rules that apply to them as “some of the information may have changed from last year”.

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