After a uniquely challenging 12 months, we all hope that the top trend for hospitality businesses in 2021 will be a return to normality, as the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccines allows social distancing restrictions to be relaxed.

But what other related and non-related trends can we also expect to encounter as the year progresses? Here’s our pick of five top trends to look out for in hospitality in 2021.

Entertaining everyone

At Manco, we know the value of entertainment including pub jukeboxes, pool tables, quiz machines and fruit machines, but in 2021 this will be magnified like never before.

The promise of a return to socialising outside of our own homes will see many more people making good use of their local pub, restaurant or social club.

Installing as many forms of on-site entertainment as possible will help you to cater to a broad range of desires and demographics, so you can welcome this tidal wave of revellers back to your premises as soon as it is safe to do so.

Paper to plastic

It’s likely that paper £20 notes would have been withdrawn from circulation were it not for the pandemic.

The polymer £20 note launched in February 2020 and the Bank of England will give at least six months’ warning before its paper predecessor stops being legal tender.

But with the pandemic putting contactless card payments much higher on the agenda, it’s likely that in 2021, payments will trend from paper to plastic one way or the other.

Food and drink

Eat Out to Help Out was a brief but welcome break from the social distancing restrictions in the summer of 2020, but other than that, many Brits have had little opportunity to go out for food and drink over the past year or more.

Food was already important to many hospitality businesses, even traditionally drinks-focused venues like pubs, and as we move through 2021 and beyond, providing a good menu of food and drink will be an important way for many hospitality businesses to win back custom.

Brexit break-up

The UK’s divorce from the European Union is bound to have an effect, whether it proves disruptive to supply chains or a more subtle influence over the course of the year.

Some hospitality operators may choose to embrace Brexit, by listing more British brands and locally produced goods on their menus.

Others may choose a different route, focusing more on the continued availability of continental European brands to reassure customers that despite Brexit, their favourite beer will still be there when they want it.

A new normal?

It’s hard to know exactly what the post-pandemic period will look like, and one ‘trend’ for this year is its unpredictability.

By preparing for every eventuality, with a carefully curated food and drink menu, card payment capabilities, and broad entertainment such as pub pool tables, quiz machines, fruit machines and jukeboxes, you can make sure your venue is the first choice for new customers.

As 2021 draws to a close and we put COVID-19 behind us for good, this gives you the best chance to retain as many of those customers as you can, for an even more prosperous 2022 and beyond.

We wish our customers good health and if you’re preparing your venue for entertainment, call Manco Automatics on 0161 870 7777 and we’ll be happy to help.