Why digital juke box hire is better

Digital juke box hire gives you access to your own on-site entertainment system, without the cost of buying a juke box of your own.

But there’s more to it than just that, particularly when you consider the ‘digital’ aspect of digital juke box hire as against installing an old-fashioned disc-based system.

For instance, with no physical discs to store, the juke box is usually much smaller than its predecessors, making it easy to wall-mount a unit in any sensible location on your premises.

The catalogue can be updated regularly, quickly and easily, with online updates of the latest releases where appropriate, so you won’t be left with an out-of-date music selection.

Categorised listings make it much easier for patrons to find the genre of music they want, or songs from a particular era, or even to simply look for new releases.

This increases the likelihood that they will see multiple songs they want to hear, increasing the juke box’s monetary take too.

Finally, there’s the scale of the music library itself – which is usually in the tens of thousands of songs or, if you factor in future updates, practically limitless over the long term.

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