Why England’s ‘number three’ could leave a legacy for quiz machine hire

Fraser Forster – whisper his name, as it could be a nice little earner for quiz machine hire providers and their customers in the years to come.

His name may sound Scottish, and he plays for Celtic, but Forster has been named as England’s third-choice goalkeeper for the World Cup in Brazil.

And that, according to Adam Hurrey for the Telegraph, makes him a quiz machine question waiting to happen.

He writes: “Forster’s most significant contribution may end up being to offer a bit of goalkeeping solidarity to Joe Hart before a penalty shootout, and stumping pub quiz machine users years later.”

This is good news for quiz machine hire providers and for pubs and other venues who have entered into a profits-sharing rental deal.

But it’s also good news for die-hard England fans, many of whom will remember Forster in years to come, allowing them to get the question correct if and when it starts appearing in games.

Obscure questions are part of the fun and challenge of quiz machines – and getting them correct leads to considerable bragging rights – so this summer’s sporting trivia is likely to be talked about around touchscreen displays in pubs nationwide for many years to come.

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