With club fruit machine hire Manchester venues can maximise leisure time

Many of us work very hard for every second of leisure time we can get, and with club fruit machine hire Manchester’s venues can help their patrons to enjoy every moment.

According to research from GFK, most people around the world – 58% of those surveyed – are at least ‘fairly happy’ with the amount of free time they get.

In the UK this rises to 67%, just over two in three people, ranking behind only the US (69%) among the 22 countries surveyed by GFK.

What’s more, the figure is limited solely to positive sentiment – and worldwide, a further 24% of people had no strong feeling either way about the amount of leisure time they get.

The club fruit machine hire Manchester venue operators invest in each year helps to make leisure time even more enjoyable for the city’s residents and visitors – and of course, you only need a few spare minutes to play pub fruit machines.

Interestingly, there was little variation between age groups, indicating that almost anyone is equally likely to be ‘fairly’ satisfied with their free time – the only significant age impact came among retirees, who are much more likely to be ‘completely’ satisfied.

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