World Cup delivers first piece of trivia for gaming machines

We recently reported on how England’s third-choice goalkeeper Fraser Forster is likely to feature as an answer on pub gaming machines in the years to come.

But in actual fact, the FIFA 2014 World Cup has already started serving up trivia worthy of pub quiz machines, even in the first few minutes of the opening match.

That is because the first goal scored in this year’s tournament was also Brazil’s first ever World Cup own goal, after defender Marcelo deflected the ball into his own net.

Football fan and former ITV late-night quiz show presenter Nigel Mitchell – no stranger to the sport or to obscure trivia – took to Twitter to declare: “Marcelo has just become a pub quiz question!”

And while pub gaming machines tend to stick to the home nations for their sports questions, an own goal in the opening match by the host country – who just happen to be Brazil – makes this a firm contender for football quizzes once the tournament is over.

With England’s matches likely to hold their own fair share of controversy, there’s bound to be plenty more trivia to appear on pub quiz machines before the World Cup final is played and the overall winners decided.

Does the Remote Gambling Bill affect gaming machines?

The Gambling (Licensing and Advertising) Act – better known to many as the Remote Gambling Bill – received royal assent in May, and that may leave some people in doubt about whether pub gaming machines are affected or not.

Under the new legislation, remote gaming operators who previously did not need a licence may now require one, particularly if they are based outside of the UK but provide gaming services to UK gamblers.

But as many pub gaming machines are connected to the internet to allow question sets and game editions to be updated, are they affected by the new legislation?

The short answer is that it is highly unlikely any pub quiz machine will fall under the definitions used in the legislation.

An FAQ document from the Gambling Commission explains: “Gambling software is defined in section 41 of the Act as computer software that is used in connection with remote gambling but does not include anything for use solely in connection with a gaming machine.”

In general, pub gaming machines have their own operating software – and therefore, they should not fall under the definition in section 41 of the Act, and should therefore be unaffected by this legislation once it is fully enacted.

Why England’s ‘number three’ could leave a legacy for quiz machine hire

Fraser Forster – whisper his name, as it could be a nice little earner for quiz machine hire providers and their customers in the years to come.

His name may sound Scottish, and he plays for Celtic, but Forster has been named as England’s third-choice goalkeeper for the World Cup in Brazil.

And that, according to Adam Hurrey for the Telegraph, makes him a quiz machine question waiting to happen.

He writes: “Forster’s most significant contribution may end up being to offer a bit of goalkeeping solidarity to Joe Hart before a penalty shootout, and stumping pub quiz machine users years later.”

This is good news for quiz machine hire providers and for pubs and other venues who have entered into a profits-sharing rental deal.

But it’s also good news for die-hard England fans, many of whom will remember Forster in years to come, allowing them to get the question correct if and when it starts appearing in games.

Obscure questions are part of the fun and challenge of quiz machines – and getting them correct leads to considerable bragging rights – so this summer’s sporting trivia is likely to be talked about around touchscreen displays in pubs nationwide for many years to come.

Pub pool table helps take British hopsitality to Brazil

You might need special permission from your pub pool table hire company if you want to do what the team from The Old Star Inn in Winsford, Cheshire are doing this summer.

That’s because their entire pub – complete with its sign, fireplace, quiz night and pub pool table and dartboard – is being recreated in Rio.

It’s all part of a publicity stunt by McCoy’s Crisps, after The Old Star Inn won a contest judged by a team including Al Murray’s Pub Landlord character.

A team of ten staff from the pub are flying out to Rio to enjoy the World Cup, bizarrely surrounded by their own pub from back home.

The news features on the newly launched Pubs Are Great website, developed in conjunction with Inapub, Number 10, Visit Britain and UKTI.

Joss Croft, marketing director at Visit Britain, said: “Pubs are Britain’s welcome mat to the world and play a key role in attracting visitors as part of our culture and heritage offering.

“Our traditional and much-loved pubs offer some of the warmest British welcomes.”

Gambling Commission announces training on illegal gaming machines

Gambling CommissionThe Gambling Commission is running a series of training courses throughout the summer, highlighting the issues surrounding illegal gaming machines.

Gaming machines can only be supplied with the correct licences and permissions in place from the Gambling Commission.

At Manco Automatics, we are fully licensed and regulated, allowing us to supply the fruit machines Manchester venues need in order to cater for their customers’ demands.

But not all suppliers can say the same; Rob Burkitt of the Gambling Commission’s Local Authority Liaison Unit says: “Issues around suspected illegal gaming machines are one of the main compliance referrals we make to licensing authorities.”

Training sessions got underway in Bristol on April 10th, and are scheduled to continue throughout the summer of 2014.

However, Manchester seems to have been missed out, and the nearest training session seems to be in Liverpool on July 10th.

It seems a shame that the Gambling Commission did not schedule a date in one of the country’s biggest cities, with a thriving market for gaming machines.

But by working with Manco Automatics, you can rest assured that we are well aware of the rules on fruit machines Manchester venues need to comply with, and can help you to position your gaming machines accordingly.