How gaming machines can combat customer boredom

gaming machines

Gaming machines can be a valuable way of preventing your customers from feeling bored, while boosting your earnings in the process.

The takings of pub fruit machines can add substantially to your profits; however, the usefulness of gaming machines can go far beyond that in terms of their overall economic benefit.

Writing in Frontiers in Psychology, Andreas Elpidorou of the University of Louisville in the USA explains that some people are prone to boredom.

He notes: “When one is bored one is not content with one’s situation. The state of boredom is one from which we seek to escape.”

“Furthermore, while bored one has a desire, often quite strong, to engage in a different and more satisfying activity,” he adds.

Gaming machines offer an alternative activity to keep customers occupied without them leaving your premises and going elsewhere.

But in fact, the bright colours of pub fruit machines can be enough to provide people with a distraction from their boredom, even if they do not decide to play.

For this reason, the overall impact fruit machines have on your premises can reach far beyond the number of people who put money in the slot – they can encourage all of your customers to stay for longer, without feeling bored.

Making the most of pub pool table hire

pool cue

Pub pool table hire adds a great form of entertainment to your venue that is suitable for people of all ages, and represents a solid source of income too.

But the British Beer & Pub Association don’t include pool tables and gaming machines in their guide to the cost of running a pub – so how can you maximise your additional income from adding a pool table to your venue?

First of all, it’s worth noting that there’s no risk of having to pay out any prize money (unless you decide to host a tournament!), which means all money paid into the machine goes towards the gross takings of the table, along with the boost to drink sales that is usually seen as well.

If you still don’t want to risk paying an upfront cost for pub pool table hire, you can opt for a profit-sharing agreement instead, so you only pay a proportion of the table’s takings.

But you can boost your takings further by placing your pool table sensibly – don’t hide it away in a corner where it will not be noticed, and where walls will hamper playability.

A 6′ x 3′ pub pool table is best placed in an area 14′ x 11′, and a 7′ x 4′ table needs 15′ x 12′ for cue clearance.

Remember the basics, and your pool table could soon be a valuable revenue stream for your site.

How do we know when to walk away from fruit machines?

fruit machine

Fruit machine rental is not only a good way to add an extra income stream to your premises; it can also be an intriguing opportunity to do some people-watching.

In particular, what makes experienced players walk away sometimes, and put an extra coin in the slot on other occasions?

The answer could be more than just knowing the game’s usual sequences – in fact, there could be a lot going on in their subconscious, to decide whether it’s worth spinning the reels one more time.

Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory simulated this type of process on rats, by rewarding them for choosing one of two doors behind which an odour had been placed.

When only one door had a strong odour, the rats were correct – and got a reward – almost all of the time, but when the second door had a distracting odour of its own, they had to gamble on which they thought was correct.

The scientists saw the rats waiting for up to 15 seconds – a long time in rat terms – to receive their reward when they had made the right decision.

In humans, as in rats, this type of decision takes place in the orbitofrontal cortex, and playing fruit machines is fundamentally similar to the rats ‘gambling’ on which door had the strongest odour.

With this in mind, the scientists suggest that the decision to keep playing is simply inspired by the player’s level of confidence in achieving a win – and when that confidence is not high enough, that’s when it’s time to walk away.