How gaming machines can combat customer boredom

Gaming machines can be a valuable way of preventing your customers from feeling bored, while boosting your earnings in the process. The takings of pub fruit machines can add substantially to your profits; however, the usefulness of gaming machines can go far beyond that in terms of their overall economic benefit. Writing in Frontiers in … Continued

Making the most of pub pool table hire

Pub pool table hire adds a great form of entertainment to your venue that is suitable for people of all ages, and represents a solid source of income too. But the British Beer & Pub Association don’t include pool tables and gaming machines in their guide to the cost of running a pub – so … Continued

How do we know when to walk away from fruit machines?

Fruit machine rental is not only a good way to add an extra income stream to your premises; it can also be an intriguing opportunity to do some people-watching. In particular, what makes experienced players walk away sometimes, and put an extra coin in the slot on other occasions? The answer could be more than … Continued