More fruit machines and pool tables ‘isn’t a problem’

Fruit machine rental and pool table hire makes it easier and easier for venues of all kinds to offer these types of gaming machines to their customers. Some people might consider that a cause for concern, as more gaming machines could reasonably be expected to lead to more gambling problems. But research from the US … Continued

Pool table hire helps postal workers do their bit

Pool table hire is allowing Royal Mail employees in Northampton to raise money for charity – simply thanks to the coins they put in the slot in order to play. A typical paid-for pub pool table was put in place at the South Midlands Mail Centre in Swan Valley back in April and has proved … Continued

How pool table hire can support active ageing

Pool table hire could have a significant role in helping older people stay fit, now that “old age has been cancelled”. Aske Juul Lassen at the University of Copenhagen’s Center for Healthy Aging has published a PhD thesis called Active Ageing and the Unmaking of Old Age, which has been making headlines in recent weeks. … Continued

The next generation of gaming machine hire

As customer tastes change, slot machine hire keeps pace with the demands of the market – and sometimes that hurts, like when we had to decommission a Bar 7 slot machine in Preston last month after many years of faithful service. But times march on. An Associated Press report recently noted how generational gaps can … Continued