Schedule fruit machine maintenance to beat the Christmas rush

We recently discussed why the autumn is an excellent time to install quiz machines to make the most of the increase in indoor customers as the colder weather empties your beer garden.

But it’s also a sensible time to schedule any routine fruit machine maintenance you might have been putting off.

Of course, our fruit machine maintenance is designed to keep your gaming machines in action for as long as possible – we won’t unnecessarily delay getting them back to full working order.

However, if it is unavoidable for them to be switched off for any length of time, it’s best to fit your fruit machine repairs in between the summertime rush and the festive season.

In this way, you can be confident that all of your gaming machines – including quiz machines and slot machines too – stand their best possible chance of making it through to the new year without any unscheduled attention.

This should mean you take the maximum amount in staked cash, whether from the walk-in trade of the autumn months, or thanks to the busier Christmas period and any group bookings you might have planned.

Where should pub fruit machines be placed?

Hiring pub fruit machines should be more than just a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision – if you want to make the most profit from them, you need to decide where your pub fruit machines should be placed on your premises, too.

If you have two or three fruit machines, for instance, do you dot them around so punters in different parts of your pub can get to one quickly, or place them close together so more seasoned players can move from machine to machine?

Each method has its own merits, and it might be worth taking a close look at your existing customers so that when you first look into hiring pub fruit machines, you have an idea of the kind of player you expect to be catering for.

One near-universal truth though, is that pub fruit machines should be placed where they are visible, close to a common thoroughfare – such as on the way to the toilets – so plenty of people pass close by them.

At the same time, it should go without saying that you do not want to cause an obstruction, and definitely should never hamper a fire escape route.

5 common types of fruit machine maintenance

What common fruit machine maintenance goes into keeping gaming machines up and running and in good working order for longer?

Open up a typical fruit machine and you’re confronted with a labyrinth of cables, buttons and switches – any one of which could fail if not properly maintained.

Regular fruit machine maintenance helps to prevent problems before they arise, with prompt fruit machine repairs to fix anything that’s gone wrong and needs attention.

  1. Stakes and Jackpots

Pub fruit machines can often be altered to accept different stakes and pay out different jackpots – maintenance in this area takes two parts, first updating the software to the new stakes and jackpots, and second switching out the decals that display this information on the front panel to the player.

  1. Bulbs and Buttons

If a light has gone out or a button isn’t working as expected, individual components can be replaced or simply carefully rewired to get them back to full functionality.

  1. Coin Jams

Fixing a jammed coin slot can be relatively easy – you just open up the machine, extract the coin validator, and give it a clean; regular cleaning is a good idea anyway to prevent obstruction of the slot by foreign objects.

  1. Coin Dispensers

At the other end of the coin chute, you need to make sure your gaming machines dispense prizes correctly, and again this is a case of regular cleaning to remove potential obstructions.

  1. Note Acceptors

Finally, pub fruit machines fitted with note validator can improve profitability by allowing players to pay with paper money rather than needing a pocketful of change – fitting one of these can form part of your routine maintenance.

Quiz machine hire gives you a head start for autumn

Quiz machine hire is an ideal way to give your premises an extra attraction as the darker evenings start to close in later this month.

The days are already getting shorter, but from September 23rd onwards, there will be less than 12 hours of daylight each day – and that’s when it really starts to get noticeable.

What this means for publicans is a changeover from packed beer gardens on sunny days, to warm and welcoming interiors for dark early evenings.

It doesn’t mean people stop going to the pub though – and for many people, stopping in for a pint is a way to escape the elements, or delay going home to a dark house once the sun goes down.

A roaring fireplace is one way to welcome these seasonal customers, but not every pub has one of those; however, almost any premises can benefit from quiz machine hire.

This can add to any pub fruit machines and other gaming machines you may already have on site, so that there are plenty of options for them to stay entertained throughout their evening.

Why digital juke box hire is better

Digital juke box hire gives you access to your own on-site entertainment system, without the cost of buying a juke box of your own.

But there’s more to it than just that, particularly when you consider the ‘digital’ aspect of digital juke box hire as against installing an old-fashioned disc-based system.

For instance, with no physical discs to store, the juke box is usually much smaller than its predecessors, making it easy to wall-mount a unit in any sensible location on your premises.

The catalogue can be updated regularly, quickly and easily, with online updates of the latest releases where appropriate, so you won’t be left with an out-of-date music selection.

Categorised listings make it much easier for patrons to find the genre of music they want, or songs from a particular era, or even to simply look for new releases.

This increases the likelihood that they will see multiple songs they want to hear, increasing the juke box’s monetary take too.

Finally, there’s the scale of the music library itself – which is usually in the tens of thousands of songs or, if you factor in future updates, practically limitless over the long term.