How jukeboxes helped EastEnders mark 30 years

The recent 30th anniversary of the BBC soap opera (or ‘continuing drama’) EastEnders was given an extra subtle touch thanks to the on-set jukeboxes. We’ve reported in the past on the playlist used on the Queen Vic jukebox, but for the anniversary episode it was given a one-off makeover. Instead of the usual combination of … Continued

Tips for fairground fruit machine hire

Fruit machine hire is one way for fairground operators to get their hands on gaming machines of the right category, which comply with the Gambling Commission’s regulations. As the warmer weather of spring approaches, places across the UK will see fairgrounds opening for the traditional ‘summer season’. To coincide with this, the Gambling Commission has … Continued

IPA World Championship could inspire pub pool table hire

The recent IPA 2015 World Professional Championship could be a good inspiration to invest in pub pool table hire – particularly if you are in the Sheffield area. Of course Sheffield is already synonymous with snooker, but in mid-February the Magna Centre played host to the IPA. If you’re a publican, you’re probably thinking of … Continued