Bad Robots – the return of the gaming machines

The bad-tempered gaming machines are back for another six-part series with the renewal of E4’s Bad Robots prank show. In the show, unsuspecting members of the public encounter all kinds of malevolent machines, from pub quiz machines to car park ticket vendors that run away when you reach for the ticket. The show is made … Continued

How juke box hire could help you live longer

Juke box hire is a simple way to add some music to your establishment – and if you’ve ever felt like having a song playing seems to have a disproportionate effect on how much you enjoy being in a venue, you could be right. According to researchers at UC Berkeley, there is a link between … Continued

Peer approval can drive demand for slot machine hire

If you’re interested in slot machine hire, you might be keen to learn more about the type of person who is likely to play on your machine. Recently published research in the academic journal International Gambling Studies sheds some light on this, based on a study of Norwegian adolescents. The research was particularly interested in … Continued